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A2 Healthcare Corporation, a professional service provider in the life sciences industry, contributes to the progress of medical and pharmaceutical services, QOL improvement of people through offering professional and high-quality service solutions.

Related ITOCHU Group companies

BI Medical, Inc. BI Medical, Inc.
(1)Patient registrations, randomization and allocation(CRO services), (2) CRM solutions utilizing IT and contact center operations(CRM services), (3) Assist pharmaceutical companies in the sales and marketing of their products and services (CSO services) The company is providing clinical development, sales and marketing services utilizing multichannel solutions based on three main services.

ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation Pharmaceutical Division, ITOCHU CHEMICAL FRONTIER Corporation
The division makes use of its unique global network and ITOCHU Group network all over the world to provide a variety of services in the pharmaceuticals field such as the provision of high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), intermediates, pharmaceutical formulations, etc. The division also has a system for handling regulatory affairs such as assigning domestic MF managers, certifying overseas manufacturers, providing support to GMP compliance audits, etc.

Wellness Communications Corporation Wellness Communications Corporation
The company cooperates with 2,000 medical institutions throughout the country to handle bookings for medical checkups for corporations and the health insurance society, handle information processing, and provide payment agency services among others. The company also provides an Internet-based “Health Support System” ASP services for managing medical checkup information on its system.

Century Medical, Inc. Century Medical, Inc.
Century Medical, Inc. (CMI) is one of the largest independent medical device distributors in Japan. With over 30 years experience of marketing medical devices in Japan, CMI has been a pioneering force successfully introducing many new technologies to the Japanese healthcare community.

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