Information Security Policy

A2 Healthcare Corporation (”we”) shows all members of the board and employees the code of conduct regarding the handling of information, and recognizes that ensuring a high level of information security is an important matter.

Therefore, we hereby establish Information Security Policy, and all members of the board and employees will strive to properly handle, manage, protect and maintain information in accordance with this policy.

  1. Ensuring Information Security

    In order to protect our information assets from natural disasters, system failures, fraud and illegal activities, we strive to ensure information security by taking measures to prevent failures, recover quickly and minimize the impact of the failures, find the causes of failures and avoid recurrence.

  2. Management System

    We establish the management system to deal with risks related to information security, develop related regulations, and strive to operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve information security management.

  3. Information Asset Management

    We manage our information assets appropriately to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability, and strive for safety management such as prevention of unauthorized access, leakage, loss, or damage.

  4. Education and Enlightenment

    We provide regular information security education in order to raise the awareness of information security and ensure that all directors and employees are familiar with the significance of information security and our correspondence.

  5. Compliance

    We comply with laws, regulations and other social norms related to information security.

  6. Established April 1, 2021

    Hitoshi Kamiya, President&CEO
    A2 Healthcare Corporation